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April 21, 2014
Mr. David Kappos, Partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, and former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, "Maine's Natural Advantages - Keys to Achieving a Vibrant Innovation Ecosystem"

Recent Events

March 10, 2014
Dr. Travis Wagner of the University of Southern Maine, "Mining for 'Gold' in Landfills"

February 10, 2014
Professor Andrew Coburn of the Muskie School of Public Service, "The Elusive American Quest for Healthcare Cost Containment: Will Health Reform be Enough?"

November 20, 2013
Robert A. G. Monks, "The Fiduciary Requirements of Universities and Charities"

October 28, 2013
Dr. Caroline Noblet, University of Maine, "Economics, Psychology, and Sustainability: Oh My!"

September 16, 2013
Professor James Acheson, University of Maine, "Managing Stocks: What Makes Lobster Succeed While Groundfish Fail"

April 2, 2013
Heerad Sabeti, Fourth Sector Network, "Growing the Fourth Sector: Revitalizing the Economy through For-Benefit Enterprise"

March 13, 2013
Professor Charles S. Colgan, Muskie School of Public Service, "The Future of Energy in Maine"

February 5, 2013
Stephen Davis, Associate Director of the Harvard Law School Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors, "Mobilizing Ownership: An Agenda for Corporate Renewal"

November 13, 2012
Stephen Mulkey, President of Unity College, "Crisis and Opportunity in the Environmental Century: Inspiring a Generation of Greatness"

October 15, 2012
Heidi Gautschi, "Dancing with Digital Natives: Staying in Step with the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business is Done"

September 19, 2012
Jim Witherell, "L.L. Bean: The Man and His Company"

April 17, 2012
John Rooks, Founder of the SOAP Group, "The Lost Art of Authenticating Real: Authenticity as a Business Strategy for Sustainability"

March 20, 2012
Dahlia Lynn of the University of Southern Maine, "Realized Worth: Employee Volunteer and Giving Programs in Maine"

February 15, 2012
Mark Lapping of the University of Southern Maine, "What’s Eating Maine? An Excursion into the Local Food System”

November 21, 2011
Charles Silver of the University of Texas at Austin School of Law, "Does Tort Reform Affect Physician Supply? Evidence from Texas"

October 17, 2011
J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, "Data Environmentalism"

September 20, 2011
Matthew Dean of the University of Southern Maine, "Mass-Casualty Triage: Distribution of Victims to Multiple Hospitals Using the SAVE Model"

April 4, 2011
Joel Fleishman of Duke University, "How Philanthropists are Changing the World through their Foundations - or Not"

March 15, 2011
Heidi Parker of the University of Southern Maine, "New Kids on the Block: Capturing Sport Fans as a New Franchise"

February 16, 2011
Johnny Chen of the University of Southern Maine, "Firm Responses to Consumer Boycotts"

April 28, 2010
David Cay Johnston, investigative business reporter, on "A Path Back to Prosperity for America"

March 30, 2010
Amarpreet Kohli of the University of Southern Maine on "Supply Chain Collaboration: When is it Effective"

February 25, 2010
Mark Albion of Babson College on "More than Money: Building A Career That Reflects Your Values"

November 17, 2009
Leslie E. Linfield of the Institute for Financial LiteracyTM on "Personal Bankruptcy in 2008: American Debtors in a Recession"

October 5, 2009
Robert M. Feinberg of American University on "International Competition: Effects on Small Wholesale and Retail Trade Firms"

September 22, 2009
Rajendra S. Sisodia of Bentley University on "The New Realities for Business in the Age of Conscious Capitalism"

April 20, 2009
Jo Williams of the University of Southern Maine on "Meeting Marketing Goals through Web 2.0"

April 6, 2009
Tom Tietenberg on "The Uncommon Market: Controlling Greenhouse Gases Using Cap and Trade Policies"

March 9, 2009
Joline Godfrey on her book "Raising Financially Fit Kids"

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Since April 2011 recordings of the L.L. Bean/Lee Surace Colloquium Series have been posted on iTunesU for the public whenever permission is granted by the speaker. Click here for access to the podcasts.

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USM Professor Jeffrey Gramlich was appointed the first L.L. Bean/Lee Surace Chair in Accounting in the USM School of Business in 2003. His appointment was made possible by a $1 million gift from L.L. Bean, Inc., its board chair, Leon Gorman, his wife Lisa, Jim and Maureen Gorman, and Tom Gorman, who established the chair in memory of L.L. Bean CFO Lee Surace ’73, ’81, who died in March of 2001. Surace was chair of the USM School of Business’s Advisory Council and was a frequent guest lecturer.

The purpose of the Series is to serve the business community and to stimulate interest among USM faculty and students in significant business issues. The Colloquium Series is open to individuals, businesses, and corporations throughout the State of Maine.



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