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Elizabeth Fisher TureskyPrior to coming to the University of Southern Maine, Professor Turesky held faculty positions at The University of New Hampshire and Colby College. She has complemented her twenty-five years of graduate and undergraduate teaching with twenty years in private practice as an Organizational Development consultant, including five years as Director of Training and Development for the City of Portland, Maine. She has led organizational change efforts, workshops and presented at conferences on Change Management, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management and Leadership in Ethical Decision-Making throughout New England. 

Professor Turesky teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Change and Development, Organizational Behavior, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management, Training and Development, Ethics, Leadership, Women in Leadership, Leadership Study Abroad and other courses related to Organizational Behavior and Development. Her teaching and scholarship are rooted in experiential learning principals with an abiding commitment to create inclusive, nurturing learning environments. Her scholarship focuses on continuous improvement, women in leadership, engaged student learning and the nexus of experiential learning and leadership development. Professor Turesky has published in such journals as the Organizational Management Journal, Academic Leadership Journal and Career and Adult Development Journal.

She is the recipient of the USM Faculty Senate Award for Service. Professor Turesky holds a doctorate from Case Western Reserve University from the Department of Organizational Behavior, the Weatherhead School of Management and is a member of the National Training Laboratory (NTL), the International Leadership Association and the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.

Recent Publications include

Turesky, E. F. & Cloutier, K., Turesky, M. (2011, October). The feminine approach to leadership in a masculine society: Perceptions of female leaders in Italy. Integral Leadership Review Journal.

Turesky, E.F., Gallagher, D. (2011). Know thyself: Coaching for leadership using Kolb’s experiential learning theory. The Coaching Psychologist, 7 (1), 5-14.

Turesky, E.F. & Connell, P. (2010). Off the rails: Understanding the derailment of a lean manufacturing initiative. Organizational Management Journal. 7(2), 110-132.

Turesky, E.F. & Mundhenk, L. (2010). Going beyond contemporary leadership development practices: Assessing leadership using cognitive stage and experiential learning theories. Academic Leadership Journal. 8(3).

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Turesky, E. F. & Mundhenk, L. (2008). Going beyond traditional career development theories: Individualizing counseling using cognitive stage and experiential learning theories. The Canadian Journal of Career Development. 7 (2), 3-7.

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